Selvie expects to be ready for Week 1

IRVING, Texas -- Defensive end George Selvie's surgically repaired right shoulder is sore enough to cause him to sit out practice this week. He's adamant, however, that it isn't sore enough to sideline him for next week's regular season opener against the San Francisco 49ers. "I'm just taking it easy," said Selvie, who banged up the shoulder in last week's preseason loss to the Miami Dolphins. "I had the surgery in the offseason, so it's a little sore right now.

Brandon Weeden looks forward to ‘live reps’

IRVING, Texas -- Brandon Weeden is looking at his second start of the Dallas Cowboys’ preseason Thursday against the Denver Broncos with Tony Romo sitting out. Weeden started the preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers on Aug. 7 and completed 13 of 17 passes for 107 yards and a touchdown. “One possession, five possessions or the first half, I’ve got to take advantage of the reps,” Weeden said. “These live reps, you can’t put a price tag on them.

Cowboys Defense – Crossing The Line To Find The Line

Painted lines are easy to recognize. Virtual lines are fluid and vary with each siutation. The Cowboys Defense is  trying to find the line the referees see in regards to playing physical football. To be able to “know” where that line is, you have to cross it.

Test pilots refer to “pushing the envelope” when they take a plane past known capabilities. They have an idea about what will happen and when. You don’t really know however until you actually cross the threshold. This is the same process the Dallas defense is going through right now as each player finds out how far they can push the NFL envelope set by the competition committee and enforced by the league zebras. Why are the Cowboys doing this?

There is a school of thought in many sports that if you aren’t running the ragged edge of what you can do physically, then you aren’t competing with everything you have. Italian soccer players are renown for their ability to hold opposing players just out of the referees vision. They elbow, slap cross over and outright grab as they slow opposing players down on the pitch. The Cowboys own Michel Irvin took this approach to new heights in the NFL as he physically used defenders to enable him to create separation on cuts and would plow through players inside the five (or ten) yard limit.

On the flip side of the coin look at today’s Seattle Seahawks defense. They pop you. They challenge you. They get in your head. Referees this year are calling contact much closer, supposedly in response to the Seahawk defenders. A great compliment. However Seattle defenders know where the line is and have not got one “roughing” flag this preseason while still playing with top notch physicality. Dallas on the other hand is still finding the line as their players have drawn the zebra’s ire several times a game this preseason. “It’s a process ” as JG is fond of saying.

Unlike the move back to the 4-3 defense, this shift to a physical style of play is right up many of the Dallas players “skill set alley”.  Carr, Claiborne, Mitchell and Patmon all played this physical style in college. Wilcox, Dixon, Heath and Church are all downhill, physical players who feed off this approach. The most recent LB additions, Hitchens and McClain are physical first players on the field as well. Dallas doesn’t have to roll over it’s roster to find players that fit this scheme. The Cowboys are filled with these guys and it’s about time they got turned loose to play their best game. Carr and Claiborne can finally play to their strengths and WR’s will once again thing twice before coming across the middle where J.J. Wilcox and Barry Church are holding court.

Dallas had referees in camp every full contact day specifically for this reason and you could easily measure the improvement. The Cowboys defenders are going to be physical at the point of attack. They are also going to be physical off the ball. DB’s and LB’s are going to hand fight, pop, jam and roll every player trying to get into a pattern.  As the Dallas players try and define the line, there will be flags until they learn how to walk the edge without crossing over. As that skill comes, this defense will gain an  invaluable tool as they struggle to define themselves and become effective. They will become a force that resonates in the minds of the skill position players they face. Missing since the 90′s, this presence needs to return with all possible speed if this defense doesn’t want to match last years folly.

What say you Cowboys Nation?

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DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys to say hello again

IRVING, Texas -- DeMarcus Ware never really got the chance to say goodbye when the Dallas Cowboys released their all-time leader in sacks last March. On Thursday Ware will get the chance to once again say hello when the Denver Broncos visit AT&T Stadium for the preseason finale, and the Cowboys’ fans and organization will get a chance to say thank you. "Being able to come back and have the opportunity to absorb some of the things I have done and seen down there," Ware said, "it’s going to be great.

Dallas Cowboys Cuts

Teams had to bring their roster size down to a maximum of 75 players by 3 PM EST this Tuesday. The Dallas Cowboys cuts were already set in motion when J.C. Copeland and Martez Wilson were released earlier in the week.

You can view the updated depth chart that reflects all recent roster moves by clicking here.

As predicted here, many of the moves (reported by were injury list related. Matt Johnson goes to the IR for another year (is this a record?). He is joined by DeVonte Holloman, Jordan Najvar, Johnny Thomas and Justin Green.

Other players on various injury list are Anthony Spencer, Amobi Okoye, Sean Lee and Ben Gardner. No final designation has been made yet for Demarcus Lawrence or for that matter Anthony Spencer who may come off the injury list.

A quick trade value watch shows Dallas trading their talented, injured interior lineman (Ben Bass) for a player they just placed on the IR (CB Justin Green). That’s a massive upgrade.

There were also seven players released outright with the names of note being Chris Boyd, Caleb Hanie and Tom Hornsey. Boyd was raw and very far behind the other WR’s on the roster. Hanie was not as effective as Dustin Vaughn even though consistently playing before him in game rotations. Chris Jones has beat off his yearly challenge and will again be handling punting and holding duties for the Cowboys in 2014.

What say you Cowboys Nation?

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Jason Witten ribs DeMarcus Ware on call

IRVING, Texas -- DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten were teammates for nine years and developed a close friendship. The business of the NFL separated them when the Dallas Cowboys decided to part ways with Ware, the franchise’s all-time leader in sacks, but they were able to reconnect on a conference call Tuesday afternoon. With Ware returning to AT&T Stadium on Thursday with the Denver Broncos, his new team, he took time on a conference call to discuss his tenure with the Cowboys, how it started and how it ended.

Dallas Cowboys cut-down analysis

Most significant move: The Matt Johnson era has not officially ended, but the safety was waived by the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday as part of the roster moves to reach the NFL-mandated 75-player limited. A fourth-round draft pick in 2012, Johnson never played in a game. He missed his rookie season with recurring hamstring injuries as well as a back injury. He suffered an ankle injury in the 2013 preseason and was placed on injured reserve after having surgery.